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LKR Agents

Our Agents are the best in the Iowa City area and consistently outperform the competition. LKR agents have an average of over 11 years of experience, and through dedication and hard work we've produced incredible success stories for our clients.


Steve Becker

Cell Phone: 319-430-2260
Office Fax: 319-351-8035

Gregory Behrens

Cell Phone: 515-491-6769
Office Phone: 319-248-3311

Terri Larson

Cell Phone: 319-331-7879
Office Phone: 319-248-0526

Tom Lepic

Cell Phone: 319-331-2306
Office Phone: 319-248-0551

Randy Lewis

Cell Phone: 480-710-0655
Office Phone: 319-248-0656

Deborah Mulford

Cell Phone: 303-570-4436
Office Phone: 319-248-5234

Ryan O'Leary

Cell Phone: 319-594-7926
Office Phone: 319-248-0547

CP Pierce

Cell Phone: 319-750-1409
Office Phone: 319-248-5238

Tracy Reiten

Cell Phone: 319-530-8326
Office Phone: 319-248-0554

Yasmine Rezai

Cell Phone: 319-538-6992
Office Phone: 319-248-0534

Kim Schillig

Cell Phone: 310-795-2133
Office Phone: 319-248-3316

Ryan Smith

Cell Phone: 319-331-6868
Office Phone: 319-248-0506
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